Buck has been a great asset for our dealership and literally made us $1,000's more each and every month. I consider him a strategic partner and a long term asset to our dealership!

It's been a very long time since I've met someone in the Retail Auto Industry with as much experience and competitive edge as Buck. His professionalism and drive have helped me elevate my own performance and business standards. I can easily recommend Buck to anyone who is looking to improve their bottom line and bring more to the table in their personal performance. A stand out Professional!

Micah Raphael
Senior Finance Manager/Dealer Development Professional
avatarBuck is the best thing to happen to my business, Carson Cars, in a very long time. His past experience in the car business & his 100% professionalism has created a huge impact in my finance department. IT ACTUALLY MAKES MONEY NOW!!! My finance revenue is up over 100% since 'drinking the cool-aid' with Buck & Drive Dealer Solutions. Buck is a very 'hands on' guy with his clients. We always joke that he is not the 'drop the brochures off once a month' kind of rep. He expects and demands results (and GETS THEM). I actually look forward to my weekly meetings with Buck, as he is makes everything fun. He is a really funny guy. I would be happy to give a personal reference for Buck to anyone thinking of using him or Drive Dealer Solutions. Feel free to call Mike Carson at 425-697-6969 or email at Mike@CarsonCars.net

Mike Carson
Owner of Carson Cars
Buck trained me in Finance. Not only was he a great mentor, he was inspirational. If it wasn't for Buck, I probably would not be performing at the level I am.

Desmond Lianos
Business Manager at Magic Toyota
I have known Buck for over 10 years and my respect and admiration for him has grown constantly. He is a very knowledgeable manager with outstanding people skills. His integrity and professionalism earned him a lot of respect in the industry. I recommend Buck without any reservations.

Gabriel Ciuca
Owner, Automobile Inc.
Buck and I met through a business transaction during which he impressed me with his incredible awareness of finance from a practical operations level. My business is very involved with individual with debt issues including qualification for loans secured by personal property. His awareness of credit reporting and credit rating, coupled with practical knowledge of what this type of lender is looking for and why has been an tremendous assistance to me. Buck simply knows his stuff better than anyone I have come to know.

John Long
Owner, Law Office of John A. Long
I enjoyed working with Buck over the years. Buck was my finance director and did a great job for our company. Buck is very knowledgeable in the sales and finance departments and is very even-keel about getting the job done. Great to work with!

Roger Botton
Automotive Executive
I got my first shot at the job I always wanted working with Buck at Eastside Jeep, as a Finance Mgr. I was running a crew of 18 reps when I got the call from our GM to be Bucks trainee. I knew of Bucks legendary finance sales numbers, clean paperwork, and great bank relationships first hand (we worked together years before at Dwayne Lanes Chrysler). So what a break, he trained me and we were a good team for quite a while. I learned a ton and probably never thanked him before I left (hey, I thought my numbers were good enough for a large raise, GM disagreed....next!) I still don't know why all the bankers love him so much. Maybe something about long term relationship building? Hmmmm. So thanks Buck! I still enjoy finance even though you have done about 10,000 more deals than me. Hope to do some business with you in the future.

Steve Hathaway
Finance Director, General Sales Manager
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