F & I Services

When it comes to dealership revenue streams, making a car sale is not the only option.

With finance and insurance products, otherwise known as F & I, dealerships can add ongoing income accounts that generate aggregate income and produce a nice buffer to rely on when car sales dip. As the old saying goes, one should never put all their eggs in one basket, and developing finance and insurance products that can be sold to customers ensures that a dealership’s income stay protected through market turbulence.

With the help of Drive Dealer Solutions, a dealership’s staff can be trained on how to utilize F & I Services in order to create additional market share in addition to each vehicle sale.

As a leader in providing finance and insurance solutions to auto dealers Nationwide, our focus is to train and implement solutions that are effective and profitable for your business and the bottom line. For more information regarding dealer F & I services, contact Drive Dealer Solutions at (425) 478-7242.

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