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At DRIVE Dealer Solutions LLC we offer the most reputable and professional automotive services in the Pacific Northwest. Professionally owned and operated, working with DRIVE Dealer Solutions is personable and worry free. DRIVE Dealer Solutions LLC provides you with finance department products and services such as Vehicle Service Contracts, Gap, Anti Theft, Appearance Protection and so much more!

DRIVE Dealer Solutions LLC can help you turn your finance dept. into a thriving and consistent revenue source for your dealership. If you are a small independent dealer with no finance department we can help you build one.

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We’ve established partnerships with companies all over the globe.

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With 17 years in the automotive industry, and 11 years as an owner, I thought I had it all figured out. About three years ago I met Buck Myers and Bob Twiss from Drive dealer solutions. That meeting changed everything in my business. I genuinely did not believe that an independent used car dealership could increase sales and F&I profits as much as they claimed I could. I decided to take their advice and follow the plan they laid out for me. With their products, guidance and hands on training, We began a massive transformation and really reshaped the success of my company today. My business has exploded!  I now have multiple locations very high profitability! I have a great respect and friendship with both Bob and Buck to this day. Buck’s knowledge and experience in the car business is incredible!  I often refer to him  as “my business Consigliere”! I encourage anyone who wants to grow their business in  both volume and profits, to consult with Buck and Bob like I did. You won’t be sorry, I promise you!

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve met someone in the Retail Auto Industry with as much experience and competitive edge as Buck. His professionalism and drive have helped me elevate my own performance and business standards. I can easily recommend Buck to anyone who is looking to improve their bottom line and bring more to the table in their personal performance. A stand out Professional!

Micah Raphael
Senior Finance Manager/Dealer Development Professional

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Buck has been a great asset for our dealership and literally made us $1,000’s more each and every month. I consider him a strategic partner and a long term asset to our dealership!

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We’re is using three decades of automotive management experience to help dealers to develop excellence in personnel, profits and customer loyalty.

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