Service Contracts

A service plan is a way of paying ahead of time for set maintenance services. These services can range from something as simple as oil changes to more complicated maintenance including tune-ups and transmission flushes.

By applying economies of scale, the dealership can lower the cost of the work still to keep it below the service plan orders when they come in, as long as there is plenty of work to pool together.

Balancing this financial juggle can be a bit tricky, which is why Drive Dealer Solutions offers expert consultation and dealership training services to auto dealers Nationwide.

With the help of Drive Dealer Solutions, a dealership’s staff can be trained on how to utilize F & I Services in order to create additional market share in addition to each vehicle sale.

As a leader in providing finance and insurance solutions to auto dealers across the country, our focus is to train and implement solutions that are effective and profitable for your business and your bottom line.

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